Tennis is an active, physical game, and your feet bear the brunt of the abuse. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just stepping on to the court for the first time, choosing a tennis shoe is an essential part of the game. There’s no shortage of playing styles and court surfaces in tennis, and there’s a wide variety of tennis shoes. From popular Nike tennis shoes and Adidas tennis shoes to reliable, high-performance Asics tennis shoes. The biggest factor when deciding which tennis shoe to go for is its outsole. Tennis footwear can be categorised by the type of sur-face the shoe is designed to perform on. Another important consideration is the trade-off between comfort, durability, weight and stability. Shoes which offer ex-ceptional stability and durability are often heavier. However, shoes which are lightweight have the advantage of speed, allowing players to reach the ball quick-er.

Tennis is a game of quick stops and starts, short sprints and frequent lateral movement—this is why you need footwear that can stand up to your game.

Think about your playing style, court surface and personal preferences when se-lecting your new pair of tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes style

It’s important to distinguish the differences between tennis shoes and other types of footwear before making your purchase. Frequent stops and starts while moving around the court influence the way tennis shoes are designed. Tennis shoes are typ-ically more flat with specifically designed patterns on the sole, all depending on which type of court surface you generally play on. Other types of shoes have thicker, softer heels that decrease weight and cushioning to lessen impact—tennis shoes are built to be sturdier. Running shoes or other athletic shoes, however, are designed for the repetitive forward motion of running or walking.